Chandrayaan-2 Achievement in the Moon

The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft is currently stepping towards the moon’s orbit. In addition, ISRO is about to land its Moon-2 spacecraft in the south pole of the Moon, which no country has ever landed.

Chandrayaan-2 is successfully moving towards the Moon. The ISRO scientists are also delighted as the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft continues its successful journey as planned.

 Other countries are keenly watching Chandrayaan-2’s mission to land in the new South Pole region as planned. 



Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft:

 The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was the first to tell the world that there was water in the moon. Then the Chandrayaan-1 shuttle failed, the Chandrayaan-2 project was put in place, and later the Hindi program was postponed due to various technical issues. The project was finally implemented on July 22.

Cryogenic Engine:

 The Chandrayaan-2 was launched into space by the Chandrayaan Cryogenic Engine. This was launched by the GSLV Mark 3 rocket. The cryogenic engine carried the moon to space at 15% more power than before.

The Earth’s orbital path is elevated:

 The ISRO scientists successfully launched the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft into the orbit of the Earth. This was followed by another successful upgrade to the Earth’s orbit.

 In this case, they have successfully elevated the current into the orbit of the moon. The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft is also progressing successfully as scientists have been rewarded for the effort. 

Chandrayaan-2 on the Moon on August 20:

 India’s second lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’ spacecraft will reach the Moon’s orbit on August 20th and is expected to land on the lunar surface on September 7th.

 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief Dr K Sivan said that they have been informed about this.

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