20 new moons around planet Saturn

New York:

American scientists have discovered twenty new moons around the Saturn planet. This has brought a new twist in the solar system.

There are many Milky Ways in space. It has many solar systems. There are many interesting and unknown things in our solar system.

 There is a lot of research going on to find these new things in our solar system. A new twist has taken place in research conducted in the United States.

The discovery was made in part by research by Scott Shepherd and his team of researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science. According to the discovery, there are twenty new moons around the planet Saturn.

Saturn is the planet :

 With the discovery of 20 new moons around Saturn, Jupiter, with 79 moons, has formed a total of 82 moons. Saturn is the largest planet in the Solar System. Researcher Scott Shepherd shared some interesting information with reporters.

v In it, Saturn is actually the king of the moons, which was astonishing for us. We and our team used a telescope in Hawaii to find Saturn’s new moons. About 100 very small moons orbit Saturn.

Lots more :

 A lot more discoveries await in the coming days. The moon orbits around 5 kilometers around Saturn and 16 kilometers around Jupiter. Saturn is more difficult to detect as it has more moons.

Nevertheless, in the coming period, large telescopes will be accurately calculated. These are all very small moons. After the formation of Saturn, these small moons may be formed due to large moons and cracks.

How near :

 Of the new moons discovered, seventeen moons orbit Saturn in the opposite direction. These small moons are so far away from Saturn that they take two to three years to complete an orbit.

What a twist :

 These moons are remnants of objects that helped create the planets. So by studying them, we learn about the planets. This will make a big difference in the world of research, he noted.

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