Editable in Google Maps! New Update!

Highlights Google publishes the ability to edit and manage the public profile Previously you could only see local guide points Your name or bio cannot be edited The media has reported that Google Maps has created an app that lets you control your profile picture and bio, aimed at providing better control over what other users see on your page. To date the search engine does not allow users to manage their public profile from the process.

With the new My Profile tab, you have more control over how others view your contributions to the map. Android police said Saturday pointing to a new Google support page. “Map from your public profile editor ability to manage Google is developing. Previously, if you do, you are part of a plan if your local guide points and see. But your name or payovaiyo can not be edited. The new My profile tab, with the graph of your contributions and how parkkirara You have more control over the account, “the report said. Users can, until now, drag their “your contributions” option to their local wizard information in the processor’s side bar, assume they are participating, and then select the “view public profile” option from the three point menu. Forget about their name, profile picture and their reviews…

New profile page publishes a server page for map users. But it doesn’t hurt to have it in the latest version (APK Mirror v10.29.1). The report added that we are also looking for a change in the Contributions tab that will completely remove the old interface in favor of a new one that has been in beta for months.

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