CES 2019: Fantastic Gadgets You Have Never Seen 17

The varied and exciting gadgets introduced at the CES 2019 event are definitely expected to be great. And all the gadgets now coming out with great technology. Now let’s look at our list of different and exciting gadgets.

Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet: Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet :

It must be said that the Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is sure to impress everyone. Accordingly, Smart Toilet provides water purification and dryer functions. Also features music, unique ambient lighting. The toilet also features Amazon Alexa voice.

Hepburn Alexa :

Current versions of Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker look more modern, but more interesting than the Hepburn Alexa sophisticated technology introduced at the CES event The trigger is the gadget. The device comes with full Alexa integration and has a speaker feature. It will then perform all the tasks you expect, along with the option to use the batteries.

ClearUp-Clearup :

This ClearUp device can help repair unwanted scars and other problems in your skin. Clearup is the best device introduced especially at the CES event. Helps keep the skin beautiful.

Trident Traitent :

The Trident is a smart water scooter. It was introduced at the CES 2019 event. Especially with this trident, it can run in water for 45 minutes to 40 meters. It’s strict Useful for different people.

LG Styler :

LG is focusing more on creating smart home appliances. Accordingly, CES has launched the fantastic LG Styler Dare at the 2019 event. This LG Styler is a clothing hanger. In particular, it is said that using LG TrueSteam will eliminate the bacteria in clothing. Users are then exposed to drying and wrinkles You can also use this hanger to get rid of

Cat DNA Testing :

A fantastic product introduced at the CES 2019 event is a genetic test designed for cats. You can learn more about a species or markers of disease risk.

Simple Human :

Sensor One of the best products introduced at CES 2019 is the SimpleHuman Sensor, which is an image gadget that helps remove debris. Includes microphone for sensor and voice-based control. This will work especially for voice commands to open and close.

LavvieBot :

LavvieBot, a smart automatic litter box that automatically cleans and fills the trash, is a very useful product. Also, if the litter box is clean every day, it will definitely be healthy for cats.

Y Brush :

Y Brush The strange looking Y Brush promises to clean your mouth in 10 seconds. As the name suggests, the toothbrush is designed with the letter ‘Y’. It is a device with nylon bristles. Then it runs on a motorized basis. The device is expected to hit the market soon

Heatworks Duo :

The Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe is an interesting gadget, especially Allows you to set the right temperature for hot water. As the cold water flows, the device instantly begins to “heat the liquid through the ohmic array technology.”

Elivet :

Hyundai’s elegant vehicle at the CES 2019 show features four legs rather than the typical four-wheel design. This means that this vehicle will work fine even in the toughest of terrain. It also helps with smart driving technologies

My Skin Track Ph.D.

Introduced at CES 2019, this Skin Track pH is a wearable, flexible sensor that combines sweat measurements with the accompanying application to measure users’ skin pH. Specifically gives consumers a clear idea of ​​their skin condition.

Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor:

The Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor is a supplement to the Fishing Gear Roo Tag. This means that the Basic 89 sensor attaches to the two basic rubber bands and records your fishing activity, along with creating a reference to locations and catches. Having such information at your fingertips will enhance the success of future fishing trips Believed.

Haiskin HiSkin :

Hyskin is a handheld scanner introduced at CES 2019. It uses “electronic” to analyze skin hydration and melanin levels in areas such as the forehead, eyes, chin, and neck. The company says it uses “diffusion photon engineering.” The advantage is that it records skin changes and how to keep it in good condition Provides recommendations on what to have.


Jarvish, a smart motorcycle helmet, features a digital display, 360-degree rear and front cameras, and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. So this device is definitely great for great reception.

Exo Rehab

Exo Rehab An interesting product introduced at CES 2019 is Exo Rehab of Exosystem, which is a therapeutic program, smart programming is wearable and has all the same features as possible gamification with sensors.

Walnut Specter X :

Introduced at CES 2019, the Walnut Specter X is called the “Electric Skateboard.”

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