10 Drinks to Boost Your Immunity System

This is the moment when the body needs to increase immunity to avoid being infected with the coronavirus, the corona. If the body is resistant to colds, coughs, fever, etc. Drinking these anti-inflammatory beverages can be avoided even in times of severe flu. 75% of food is available to the body. If the foods we eat are nutritious, the body can easily absorb nutrients. That is why our ancestors made dietary changes when the winter came and the summer came. In this case, the body needs antibodies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus-19 virus, which is currently spreading. These 10 drinks can help boost your resistance naturally. Let us know what they are.

Water :

The immune system in the body must fight to the extent possible. By default they have to act. If body fluids are not reduced first. When the body has enough of the water, the toxins in the body will be eliminated from time to time. The immune system also works smoothly. Drinking water is more important than taking the drinks of Satan. First make sure you drink no less than 3 liters daily.

Carrot juice :

Vegetables have a bright color. Even the carrot, which is the sweetest flavor, is everyone’s favorite dish. This is a nutrient drink that diabetic patients should take in moderate amounts. The carrot is rich in beta-carotene. It is full of antioxidant qualities. Vitamin A is converted into nutrients when it goes into the body. Vitamin A nutrients may be very supportive of the production of white cells. White carbohydrates are essential for the body’s immune system. Take a tumbler of carrot juice daily. Add small pieces of ginger. The drink is moderately sweet and high in sweetness and is high in vitamin C and vitamin A.

Watermelon juice :

You can see more of this fruit now that it’s summer. The lycopene in the watermelon gives it a red color. The colored fruit has excellent antioxidant properties. These boost the body’s immunity.Eating a cup of watermelon fruit as a substitute for breakfast every morning can help boost the body’s vitamin A and vitamin C intake. They say not to eat watermelon during the fever. But watermelon can also be used for physical exhaustion. Drink 10 mint leaves together with watermelon.

Orange juice :

We have already mentioned that this is a fruit rich in vitamin C. Orange juice is the best juice to help boost the body’s immune system. It helps to protect the body from infection by destroying invisible virus microorganisms in the body. Being rich in vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron needed through the diet. Keeping the white atom healthy will make the body weak and strong enough to resist. It’s best to add orange juice to your diet from time to time.

Berry juice :

Eat a berry rich in antioxidant Vitamin C. Benefits of berries can be reaped by mixing raspberries, blueberries, milk and mixing them into a mix. Children will prefer this berry milkshake mix rather than fruit.

Beetroot juice :

Beetroot is one of the eye-catching vegetables. You can eat it with fries. Or eat alva. But can you drink it and drink it? When the fever is over, the beetroot on the dehydrated beetroot can be beaten in a skin mix and lightly mixed with honey or with ginger juice.Those who think they should not just beetroot with beetroot, mix carrots with ginger, pinch turmeric powder and drink beetroot. Resistance to the body is readily available.

Apple and Spinach :

When making a drink with only one product, the product is more than twice as good as its ingredients. Apple is beneficial for the body. Likewise, green greens are also nutritious. Spinach is rich in calcium and has anti-inflammatory properties. Greens can be eaten with salad. Similarly, if the greens are taken less than a handful of masala and mixed with the apple extract of the seeds, the juice is twice as potent as the body. That too immediately. Spinach Recipes Apple spinach mixed with apple slices is better than baby food to eat.

Tomato juice :

After cooking the tomatoes, the question of whether to drink it separately. But tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Lycopene gives red tomatoes and benefits the body. Vitamin C is high enough to produce white cells that stimulate the body’s immune system. Folate in tomatoes can protect you from the risk of infection. Stir in the tomato and drink it. Or drink tomato soup. Do not avoid as the body increases immunity.

Vegetable juice :

This is another drink full of vegetable juices. Bananas, green apples can also be added without peeling. Combine this with a small amount of kale and a few teaspoons of flax seeds. Once they are well adapted, you can drink some orange juice. The green drink can instantly give the body immunity. Even if the taste is slightly different, the benefits are much higher.

Curd :

Milk is a calcium rich food item. At the same time, the yogurt obtained from the distillation of milk is even more important. The good bacteria in yogurt, the probiotic helps to secrete the enzyme Immunoglobulin which increases anti-inflammatory activity. These enzymes increase the resistance of the body to the bacteria that help fight the infection.

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