How can I improve my English?

This is a big question, but it’s great. How to improve your English in a section on  How to improve your English  here

What should I do to learn English?

If you have the brain, you will have a good start. You should use it together: – Time – Doing four things – every day in your English practice, listening, reading, reading or reading. Patience – Learning a language may be a long time, but do not be afraid if you travel, and finally you will come there. A sense of humor – English learning is fun, so be fun! A vocabulary notebook – writing new words for a notebook. Do not translate them, but write a new word environment in a meaningful sentence. A good English dictionary is not an English dictionary, but a real English dictionary. Understand the meaning of the new words in your dictionary, which helps to create your own words.

What is the best way to learn my English language?

From time to time. There are other things to help you get a good English teacher or English-speaking friend, in English you can learn books and tiles, but books and tapes can not answer or help you to answer questions. Training people. You learn a language, skip the language dialog, fill in the gaps or clear the boxes. Therefore, others learn English to learn / learn / educate others, it increases happiness and reduces disappointment. Join an English club or join or join the Study Group, if you can not find someone in your area or you can not join the BBC-on-Book booklet. We’ve added a section here.

English is Easy?

Yes English is a simple language to start learning in reality: it’s not gender. Apart from the people, all things are ‘moderate’, ‘masculine’ or ‘feminism’. So you do not need to learn that it is ‘no’ and no gender. This usually results in easy verbs. In addition to some ‘irregular’ words, the end of the verb is easy, rarely changes. All words are adjectives – there is no other choice to learn. Single and plural reflective ‘you’ is the same. There is no need to decide whether or not to use a decent form or close form.